About Us

About Us

Enormous InfoNet Computing has been serving the system hungry community since 2005. And We are registered member of (BASIS). We specialize in a wide variety of IT-related services and business solutions, and our staff offers quality and reliable services you can count on.

We develop well documented and scalable custom written applications. In addition, we can provide web enable your applications in a fraction of the normal time. We have business information consultant and a team of developers that can upscale, and support your business in an efficient and effective manner for modern market.

You can browse our Web site for more information about Enormous InfoNet. If you have any questions regarding our product or services, please free to contact us on +8801817547387.

Software Development Methodology:

Our Business and IT Consultants conduct brainstorming sessions with the clients to help determining the business objectives, constraints, marketing goals and success criteria. Our development process goes through the following steps:

Planning: Establishing the plans for creating an information system by

 Defining the system to be developed – based on the systems prioritized according to the organization’s critical success factor (CSF), a system must be identified and chosen

 the project scope – a high level of system requirements must be defined and put into a project scope document

 Developing the project plan – all details from tasks to be completed, who completed them and when they were completed must be formalized

 Managing and monitoring the project plan – this allows the organization to stay on track, creating project milestones and feature creeps which allow you to add to the initial plan

Analysis: The users and IT specials collaborate to collect, comprehend, and logistically formalize business requirements by

 Gathering the business requirements – IT specialists and knowledge workers collaborate in a joint application design (JAD) and discuss which tasks to undertake to make the system most successful
 Analyzing the requirements – business requirements are prioritized and put in a requirements definition document where the knowledge worker will approve and place their signatures

Design: This is where the technical blueprint of the system is created by

 Designing the technical architecture – choosing amongst the architectural designs of telecommunications, hardware and software that will best suit the organization’s system and future needs
 Designing the systems model – graphically creating a model from graphical user interface (GUI), GUI screen design, and databases, to placement of objects on screen

Development: Executing the design into a physical system by

 Building the technical architecture – purchasing the material needed to build the system
 Building the database and programs – the IT specialists write programs which will be used on the system

Testing: Testing the developed system

 Write the test conditions – test conditions are conducted by comparing expected outcomes to actual outcomes. If these differ, a bug is generated and a backtrack to the development stage must occur.

Implementation & Training: The systems are placed and used in the actual workforce.

 The user guide is created
 Training is provided to the users of the system – usually through workshops or online

Feedback & Maintenance: Keeping the system up to date with the changes in the organization and ensuring it meets the goals of the organization by
Building a help desk to support the system users – having a team available to aid technical difficulties and answer questions
Re-Engineering: Implementing changes to the system when necessary.