Financial Accounting




Financial Accounting

  • Chart of Accounts (Multi- Leavel Tree Bases Up to 4 levels)
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • General Ledger
  • Opening balance entry
  • Subsidiary Ledger
  • Sub-Subsidiary Ledger
  • Daily Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal Book, Receipt/Payment Statement
  • Voucher – Journal Voucher, Contra Voucher, Cash Voucher, Bank Voucher, Debit Voucher, Credit Voucher
  • Voucher post after check by authorized person
  • Budget Preparation
  • Fixed Asset Tracking
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Work in Progress(WIP)
  • Director, Investor & Shareholder Profit calculation
  • Auto Year-End Process
  • Auto Depreciation
  • Bank Cheque Maintenance
  • Loan Installment Schedule Maintenance
  • Supplier Payment Schedule Manage
  • Cash/Fund Flow Statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Subsidiary Balance Check
  • Bank chaque notification before deposited to bank through Mobile SMS
  • Loan installment schedule notification before inst. period through Mobile SMS

>– SMS Features On Accounts Management System –<

EIN Intelligent SMS Module is a GPRS application. It is an enhancement of EIN Accounts that can notify your accounts Department regarding the received bank cheques from clients, given cheques to other companies through mobile SMS. The main features are:

Ø    Notification for Received Bank Cheques.

Ø    Notification for Given Bank Cheques to other company or customers.

Ø    Notification for bank loans installments.

Ø    Auto Notify to the customer regarding the due payments

Ø    Keep the records of sent notification sent by SMS Module.

>————- Additional System Requirements: ———–<

 ü  A well functioning GPRS/EDGE modem.

ü  A connected mobile SIM from any operator.

>—————Features in details: ———————-<

Þ     Notification for Received Bank Cheque:

¨       Some times it has happened that you collect a dated cheque from one of your clients. Due to your busyness you forgot to submit the check to the bank and date has gone passed. EIN Intelligent SMS can help you in that case by sending you a notification SMS before the cheque date.

¨       At the same time, another notification SMS will be send to the  client from whom you collect the check and to alert him/her that you are going to withdraw the money from bank. So that your checque will not bounce.

Þ     Notification for Given Bank Cheques to other company or customers :

¨       Some times it also happened that you have given a dated cheque to other companies. But your account balance is not enough of that date. EIN Intelligent SMS can help you in that case by sending you a notification SMS before that date so that you can debit your account if necessary.

Þ     Notification for bank loans installments:

¨       You will get a notification SMS for the loans installment for before the installment payment date.

Þ      Auto Notify to the customer regarding the due payments:

¨       To collect the due payment from the customer, It is very important to follow-up regularly with the customer regarding the due payments. EIN Intelligent SMS can do this follow-up Periodically through SMS.

Þ      Keep the records of Service and solution provided by SMS Feature:

¨       EIN Intelligent SMS Module stores all the sent notification in a organized way to generate the report.

Þ   Known Issues:

 ü  Notification will send one, two or three day’s before according to the notification setting.

ü  Notification service is only available if the software is in running mode.

 >————————————————–OOO——————————————- <


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